giovedì 26 gennaio 2017

The Italians are not a bad people

The Italians are not a bad people! Even the Pope (the one above) said it once:
“The Italians are not a bad people, but they are easily led astray by foreign agents, who revolutionise the country for their own wicked purposes; when they have suffered more they will repent and return to us. […] I went to the Romagna in 1857 and, believe me, the true affections of the Romagnoles are for me, they have faith, and would return to me at once if they were not terrorized by foreign agents like the rest of Northern Italy.
[…] The young king of Naples has been compelled to make concessions which will sooner or later bring on his downfall and his kingdom will be annexed to Piedmont like the rest of Italy.
Sicily which has no sympathy for Piedmont will equally vote for annexation under the influence of foreign agents after having fallen to Garibaldi through the treachery of the Neapolitan generals who were largely bribed with foreign gold.
[…] As I said before, the Italians are not bad. See only how they attend the procession of the Holy Virgin in Rome. But they are timid and easily led astray. They can never govern themselves, they require a firm hand to guide and govern them.”
(Pope Pius IX quoted by British diplomat Lord Odo Russel, The Roman question: extracts from the despatches of Odo Russell from Rome 1858-1870, cur. N. Blakiston, Chapman & Hall, London, 1962, pp. 118-121)

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