giovedì 19 gennaio 2017

Italian ex-votos (add-ons)

That’s quite exhaustive; I just add some of my favourites:

For Andrea Doria’s shipwreck (1956)
Jesus saves two man fell into the well (15th century)
P.G.R. = Per Grazia Ricevuta [“For Grace Received”] (17th century)
Virgin Mary, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Crispin (patron saint of cobblers)
save a shoe factory from the fire
Votive offering from Pope Pius VII when he came back from his imprisonment (1814)
An officer pardoned before execution
Virgin Mary and St. Felician save
bass singer Paolo Soglia from Foligno’s earthquake (1832)
A woman praying for his son and husband (1889)
Two women rescued from a clash between a coach and a train
Virgin Mary saves two oxen from an indigestion of grass
A healing from cancer with radiation therapy (Cesena, 1955)
A prisoner advocates Mary to be released (1673)
Holy Mary with Jesus saves a soldier
from the outbreak of his rifle (19th century)
Holy Mary saves a defendant from convinction (18th century)
A man saved four times from suicide (1873)

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